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Looking for sustainable coffee enjoyment? There are a variety of solutions in this area. As far as coffee capsules are concerned, the simplest of these is the Blue Circle solution. There is no collecting, sorting or cleaning involved because our capsule simply biodegrades in compost with the aid of microorganisms. That’s the kind of sustainability we like.

The New Plastics

The initiative New Plastics Economy has set a major goal of there being no plastics waste in nature. The initiative is an alliance of a large number of companies, municipalities and NGOs that have made it their responsibility to rethink the future of plastics use and to sustainably reduce the need for finite resources. Blue Circle is playing an important part in this with biodegradable packaging made of renewable raw materials.

Woman taking a coffe with the Blue Circle Coffee Capsule at the Nespresso Machine
Woman taking a coffe with the Blue Circle Coffee Capsule at the Nespresso Machine

Sustainable coffee capsules –

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EZA Kapseln Querformat
EZA Kapseln Querformat

Sustainable partnership: Weltladen relies on Blue Circle coffee capsules

Blue Circle is pursuing the ambitious goal of developing and offering biodegradable packaging solutions as a high-quality alternative to packaging made of aluminium, glass or plastic.

As a sub-brand of ALPLA, a leading international packaging specialist, Blue Circle has the necessary expertise and sufficient capacities to make sustainable and economical solutions available, including for technically challenging packaging types such as coffee capsules. 

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